“Joe Fletcher’s set is a genuine sight to behold. Towards the end, Finn’s choreography, the dancers’ dynamism and Fletcher’s atmospheric lighting design (is there nothing that man can’t do?) all come together in a powerful sequence that is both slick and earthy at the same time.”
Kelly Apter August 2017

“Joe Fletcher’s impressive set is half American diner and half British sitting room. Coupled with Fletcher’s stunning lighting the whole set-up never fails to fascinate.”
Steve Stratford April 2017

“Suddenly we were dropped into a surreal fantasy world, a feeling that’s helped enormously by Joe Fletcher’s gorgeous upside-down tree that hangs over the stage.”
David Mead Sept. 2016

“Joe Fletcher pushed boundaries and expectations with his stunning graphic 3D animation which perfectly accentuated the pale, undulating bodies breaking through the shafts of light. The thought-provoking piece was the undisputed masterstroke of the night.”
Karen Price Mar 2013

“The inventive use of lighting design was phenomenal throughout, and it was a joy to watch the dancers play with, explore and defy the space-defining light to the captivating soundtrack.”
Gareth Ludkin Feb 2013

“The lighting in both these beautiful pieces is masterly. With smoke and light, designer Joe Fletcher gently urges the waves towards us and they begin to lap around our feet.”
Michael Kelligan Jan 2010

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